Beneath the Dark Dark Wood

You and your team of special agents arrive by submarine, sneak onto the island shore, and start on the beach.

Black Knight Island is ticking down to self-destruction, and at the core of this challenge is the mysterious Black Knight; he’s hidden beneath the dark, dark wood, but how do you get there?


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This game is engineered for anyone looking for an adventure, be it solo players, couples, long-distance relationships seeking a unique way to connect, families in search of a game night, or colleagues aiming to strengthen their teamwork.

Dive into a 360-degree interactive world where collaboration is not just encouraged but visually integrated.

With named mouse pointers for each player, you’ll see exactly who is interacting with what, allowing for real-time teamwork and strategy as you navigate puzzles, unlock mysteries, and explore together against the ticking clock.

‘Beneath the Dark Dark Wood’ has been enjoyed by thousands of players worldwide, all lured by the challenge of uncovering the secrets of an island veiled in mystery and on the verge of destruction.

Buy an instant access code, assemble your team, and you have 120 hours to complete the challenge from the moment you start. 

The clock is ticking, and so is the island, and you are on it. Go, you’ve got to go now… before it’s too late.

Technical Bits

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One license allows up to ten players to connect in the game, but for the best gaming experience, we advise keeping the group to a maximum of six.

After you’ve made your purchase, you’ll instantly get a unique URL meant for sharing with your players. It’s best to hold onto the URL until every member of your team is online and ready to start the game together (this prevents any eager player from jumping the gun and starting the game prematurely!).

Once the game begins, you have a 120-hour timeframe to complete it, so make sure to distribute the URL only when everyone is ready to play.

Original price was: £19.95.Current price is: £9.95.